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Always great service. Prompt and polite. We have Christmas lights put up and windows washed. The workers are well trained and very professional.

By Nancy S.  11/20/17

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Jose and Jesse did a wonderful job at our place of business! We have never received professional service for our windows before. We received so many compliments on the work that they did! We will definitely be using Clearview for our window washing needs!

By Jesika H.  12/28/17

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My windows have been cleaned again by the company.  Ryan is outstanding at customer service and the owner is very responsive to all my calls.  Use this company

By Randy T.  9/22/17

I had been looking for a window cleaning company for my commercial office building. Kelly at Clearview came out to my office gave me a detailed bid as to what services would be provided and outlined the costs in advance. When the crew came out to do the windows they were professional, very detailed and did an outstanding job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other business people and friends.  Oh and by the way they have the most advanced technology I have ever seen for getting windows sparkly clean.

By Randy T.  8/6/16

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Had windows cleaned, solar panels cleaned, and holiday lighting installed, great job at a very reasonable price. Excellent customer service. Due to a miscommunication (on both our parts) wrong color lights were being installed, when I noticed the error and brought it to their attention, they took them down, went back to the warehouse and promptly installed the correct lights. I will definitely be using them in the future. Great company!

By Roger G.  11/4/17

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Clearview window cleaning is purely the best!! They are effectively efficient, courteous, and professional.. "Always get the job done to perfection". I would highly recommend them to anyone.

By Carrie K.   4/26/17

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We have used the Clearview Window team for both window washing and Christmas light installation.  They are professional, efficient and do a tremendous job each time we have used their services. We were so pleased that we have already scheduled 2017 services with them.

By Kriste M.

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Had all the windows cleaned by Clearview & my house (which is not a baby any more)
looked great! I am booking my Spring cleaning appointment with Clearview Window Washing
today.  They were efficient and very professional. The windows & screens were cleaned down to the smallest detail.

By Anne B.  3/14/17

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The crew did a wonderful job and were professional and polite

By Nancy D.  7/8/17


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Clearview window washing is a 5 star business! They are very thorough and professional. They recently power washed our house and cleaned the windows inside and out and did a fabulous job. I will call them again. Their customer service was excellent!

By Rick N.  4/6/17

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Love this company! This is the second time we've had our windows done inside and out and they do a fabulous job. Great customer service and just plain nice people to deal with! I highly recommend them!

By Karen F.  8/11/16

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Kelly has been cleaning our windows for years and has always done an AMAZING job for us! With meticulous attention to detail, he makes the inside/outside windows sparkle, as well as scrubbing down the screens and cleaning every bit of "schmutz" from the tracks! He is very personable, professional and efficient!! He also offers other residential/commercial services, such as rain gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, pressure washing and outdoor Christmas light installs - no need to take risks on a ladder with Kelly around!
I HIGHLY recommend his services if you are looking for an honest, hard-working and "get 'er done" professional!!!

By Christine M.  10/19/15

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Just had all the windows in my home, inside and out cleaned by Kelly and his son at Clearview Window Washing Service and I am more than happy with the results!  They were so professional and friendly and my windows have never looked better!  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs their windows cleaned!

By Linda C.  7/23/14

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This is the third consecutive year I had Clearview clean my solar panels and windows, inside and out. They did a great job in every way all three times. Their scheduling and appointment reminder system was good, they always arrived on time, they didn't mess up anything inside and did an excellent job on the windows. I also thought their price was fair and appropriate for the work performed.

By Mark V.  3/31/17

This is the first time I have ever written a review of any kind but thought they deserved a pat on the back. You experience so many bad   services so often it's nice to see someone doing things right.

Mark Vincent

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Clearview did a fantastic job both inside & out on my windows.  This was my 3rd time using Clearview and I will continue using them.

By Gary E.  8/23/17

The guys arrived when they said they would and did a fantastic job cleaning windows inside and out. I will be using this service again.

By Gary E.  9/21/16

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I can't say enough  good things about this company. Always on time, incredibly courteous about our flowers, and leave our windows are so clean it doesn't look like there's any glass. We highly recommend Clearview!

By Tawni U.  8/15/17

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We had our windows washed yesterday. The staff was pleasant, experienced and very effective. Great job. Our daughter came by as they were finishing. She took contact info to make appointment very soon. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you.

By Melanie K.  8/9/17

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Recently contracted with Clearview Window.  Kelly King, office staff and their window washing team were courteous, efficient and very detailed.  I would recommend their service to anyone.

By Lodi Farming Inc.  7/27/17

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We were very pleased with the job that was done. It took three guys four hours to get the windows done, but they truly look fantastic. The tracks are clean, the screens are clean, and the glass is perfect!
I am going to begin using them to do the windows once per year, and will likely increase it to twice a year when needed. But it feels so good to walk into this house with perfectly clear windows.
The staff was extremely professional and their process has proven success.
I am even going to try the Christmas decorating this year.

By Bobby K.  6/28/17

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Great company, this was the 3rd time we have used Clearview and very happy with the job they do.  The employees are kind and professional, and will take the time if you have any questions needing to be answered. I would recommend them to anyone needing their windows cleaned.

By James H.  6/24/17

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Pressure washed 3 story house and cleaned windows in and out.  Beautiful job.

By Donna R.  6/10/17

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Kelly has been doing my windows and screens since he started back in 2004.  I can remember when Ryan was a teenager and helping him and now he is the one who makes my windows sparkle! The windows, screens and tracks are amazingly clean when Clearview comes and everything is tidy when they leave.  I have also had them do my gutters and they are fantastic at that as well.  They are a 5 star business all the way and so pleasant to deal with.  I appreciate them so very much! Thank you for many wonderful jobs. I look forward to your next visit in October!!!

By Marlyn P.  6/7/17

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Clearview is a company this was outstanding to work with and simply love their communication!! It's a must for me and the young men were professional and stayed in touch with me since we are in and out of our office. They are our cleaning company for sure. Thank you

By Sher J.  5/19/17

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This was the first time I used Clearview Windows. I am very pleased with the young men who cleaned them inside & out.  Also removing & washing the screens & window tracks.  They were polite, efficient, very professional. I intend to use them again & will gladly recommend this company to my friends.

By Nancy B.  5/12/17

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This is one of those businesses that we should be grateful to have nearby in our small town of Lodi.  The show up on time, give a written quote for the work, are respectful of your home, and are just nice to work with in every way.  I am a Lodi area Realtor and always on the lookout for vendors that I may confidently refer to others.  Thank you Clearview for delivering once again.  Kim Monaco, Lodi Area Realtor

Kim M.  4/20/17

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This is this second time I have used Clearview to clean my windows and it won't be the last.
The job they do is exceptional.  Ryan was one of two workers who cleaned my windows both this year and last.  This young man, as well as the young man with him (I apologize for not getting his name), were so professional and extremely nice.  They got right to work when they arrived and finished in just over an hour.  I felt very comfortable with them in my home.
I would definitely recommend Clearview to anyone considering having their windows cleaned.

Linda B.  4/7/17

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Clear view is undoubtedly the most excellent window cleaning service available! I have used them for over 6 years and they've never let me down.  In addition, I know I can trust them in my home!

By Dina M.   3/21/17

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A wonderful company, really empresses me of the care and cleaning of my windows.

By Kathy B.  3/8/17

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Very pleased with the service by Clearview.  The two staff members that came to clean my gutters and windows were very polite and professional!  I will use Clearview again in the future!

By Melody O.  12/18/16

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Have used Kelly for MANY years, to keep our windows clean!   His 'real' claim to fame is the efficient and professional job with our Christmas lights....GREAT!!   Love the 'look', Kelly and son  and crew...transformed our home into a 'drive by' treasure for the holidays!!   Thanks

By Carol M. 11/30/16

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Always a great job for both window cleaning and Christmas lights!!!

By Lisa D.  11/29/16

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Another year of Christmas lights for us by Clearview! They are the best and a wonderful family business that we enjoy doing business with!  Dependable, reliable, friendly and punctually, they have the whole package in service and business! Thank you

By Linda M.  11/14/16

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I can't believe what a great job! My windows look like there open. I've used this company for many years. They're punctual and professional. I highly recommend them.

By Leslie A.K.  9/25/16

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I have had Clearview Window Washing Service clean my windows for years and am consistently pleased with their meticulous, quality service.  My windows are always spotless and clean!  Kelly and his son are professional, courteous and friendly and put the customer's needs first.  I have recommended them to others because of the quality service they provide.  I will continue hiring them in the future and will continue to recommend them to others!

By Patty S  9/24/16

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This was my first time using Clearview, and I won't hesitate to use them again and again, as well as to recommend them, which I've already done to several friends.  They were efficient, courteous and thorough, and my windows absolutely sparkle.

By Susan C.  8/29/16

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Just tried out Clearview and very satisfied with service and results.  The price was very reasonable for a window washing inside and out, including wipe down of the window frames & tracks (where all the spider webs live).  I was shocked at how much time and detail they spent inside and out, making sure that the job was done right.  True "white glove" service.  Other companies are so busy trying to finish one job and rush to the next because they are paid on a flat rate--these guys are professional and thorough.  I am signing up for a quarterly cleaning!  Also very happy I can support a local, family-owned company.  Thanks Clearview!

By Aaron L. 8/28/16


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Another great job. Window tracks are super clean and windows sparkle inside and out. Highly recommended.

By Gayle R. 8/13/16

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Great Windows

Wow, you really live up to your slogan. Windows so clean... You'll think they're open.  My wife and I couldn't believe how clean our windows are.  Thanks so much.
By Jeff and Bella Brusa Lodi, CA


Direct Email Comment

Happy Client

"Two very nice young men. They did a great job."
By J. Holden Lodi, CA


Posted on Merchant Circle

HD Windows

I came home from work today and the windows looked AMAZING. My wife called Clearview and I was skeptical. The windows look like you are looking though a High Definition television set! These guys do awesome work for the price. Very good value. They even cleaned all the hard water off of our shower. We live in Valley Springs and the water is very hard. Everything they touched looks amazing.
By Anthony and Laura Nieddu on September 01, 2011 at 06:48 PM


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Kelly & his team did such a great job cleaning my windows. They were fast, efficient, friendly & the price was great. My only regret is that I didn't know about him sooner! I highly recommend his services.
By Kathy Scheffer on June 10, 2009 at 08:06 PM


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Use Kelly's Business if you enjoy your windows and screens clean

I had looked for years to find someone who consistently does professional window cleaning, not to mention cleaning the room fans and our mirrors your screens are all cleaned too. You will not be disappointed. Your home just feels bright and clean. Great Service and Kelly stands behind what he does. I highly recommend!!
By Randy Wyrick on May 06, 2009 at 07:00 PM


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